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About CAMPUS Asia

“CAMPUS Asia” promotes exchange among universities with quality assurance in Japan, China and Korea. Recognizing the importance of human resource development on a scale of the whole East Asian region, this program aims to contribute to the collaboration of the East Asian community.“CAMPUS Asia” is determined as the title of the project, representing the principle. Since the pilot program conducted from 2012 to 2016 was highly valued, the consortium among Okayama University, Jilin University and Sungkyunkwan University was selected as one of the eight consortiums of the second phase CAMPUS Asia program.

Origin of the CAMPUS Asia

At the Second Trilateral (Japan-China-Korea) Summit in October 2009, it was agreed by the leaders of Japan, China and Korea that the three countries cooperate at various levels including the educational exchange among universities. Based on the agreement, Japan-China-Korea Committee for Promoting Exchange and Cooperation among universities has been organized to realize the project as CAMPUS Asia。

Please see the website of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan (MEXT)

Launch of CAMPUS Asia

In June 2011, MEXT called for applications in the domestic universities for the CAMPUS Asia. Ten universities were selected in November 2011 for the CAMPUS Asia pilot program (Type A-I), including Okayama University Campus Asia program. The core of the “Type A-I Campus Asia Core Site Support Program” is that the each university from Japan, China and Korea link up as partners. The three partner universities dispatch students to each other. Through the mutual exchange of the excellent students the next generation of human resources is expected to be developed, while the three partner universities move towards creating a common academic system for such as academic credit, grade record management and degree award. The achievements and results of the first phase has led to the launch of the second phase of the CAMPUS Asia. 

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