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Our Approaches

In order to achieve the major objectives of CAMPUS Asia, it is necessary to carry out through a creative endeavor to mutually adjust and improve the educational methods among Japan, China and Korea. For this purpose, Okayama University, Jilin University and Sungkyunkwan University aim to make the following efforts regarding educational methods through mutual exchanges of students.

Mobility through Student Exchange

Okayama University, Jilin University in China and Sungkyunkwan University in Korea mutually dispatch students each other for both short-term and long-term study programs.

From Japan

An exchange student dispatch from Okayama University to Jilin University and Sungkyunkwan University consists of 5 students each year for exchange program of 6 months to 1 year. Short-term study program of approximately 10 to 20 students to each university are organized each year.
Students to be dispatched are recruited from all departments in Okayama University, including both graduate and undergraduate students.

To Japan

Overseas students to be accepted by Okayama University consist of 5 students for long-term study, and approximately 10 students for short-term study, each from Jilin University and Sungkyunkwan University each year.
Overseas students will be accepted from all departments of the both universities, including graduate and undergraduate students.

Improvement of educational cooperation system in consortium

In order to realize the student mobility with quality guaranteed, Okayama University, Jilin University and Sungkyunkwan University will work closely to improve the educational cooperation system. Double degree or joint degree system (where students are enrolled and undergo education in graduate schools in two different countries simultaneously, being awarded one certificate signed by both universities upon successful completion) is to be introduced, thereby eliminating the need to rely solely on the guidance at the accepting university overseas, but working towards an upgrading of the education through the realization of joint instructions in two or more universities.  Also, we proceed establishment of a common education course and mutual authentication of the contents of lectures, evaluation system and credits.

International Cooperation, Network and Information Sharing

This program, based on the consortium established among Okayama University, Jilin University and Sungkyukan University, aims to take the initiative in establishing common education towards the whole Asian region. We look toward the operation of common educational system effectively utilized in East Asia in close cooperation not only of the educational cooperation of the three universities but also of other consortiums and external coordination institutions. Okayama University has already embarked on building partnerships and networks with The Six National Universities Network (SUN)/ International Education & Research System (SixERS) in Japan, Okayama University-North East China Universities platform (O-NECUS) and partner universities in China and South Korea. Our program aims to foster the networks among other consortiums and institutions concerned in order to establish a common educational system where the three universities of this consortium take the initiative to lead the whole Asia from East Asia.

The information regarding the CAMPUS Asia program is shared widely through SNS such as Facebook, symposiums, seminars, student exchange activities along with this website. Especially regarding the outcomes of the program, we introduce our activities through documentations and also audio-visual materials.