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Message from the Representative

Aiming to be a cultivator of authentic leaders in East Asia



Center for Global Partnerships and Education Okayama University 

  Kiichi OYASU

  Global Partners, Okayama University

Kiichi OYASU was born in 1960.  He specializes in Education and Development and Non-formal Education. He worked with various projects to promote Education for All in the Asia and Pacific region at UNESCO Bangkok Office from 1992 to 2008.  He then moved to UNESCO Dhaka Office and was in charge of UNESCO’s work in education policies and human resource development. He started working for Okayama University from July 2016 and has assumed a role of Program Manager of the second phase CAMPUS Asia program. 

To students who wish to study at Okayama University

Recent years, the number of students who are proficient in foreign languages has been increasing. However, there are not many people who can manage projects by coordinating members with multi-cultural background and take actions in view of happiness of local and also the whole society. I hope that students will enhance their capacities to address the challenges common in East Asia including technical development for tackling issues such as a low birth rate, aging population and environmental protection.  Also, they may contribute to developing good social systems including healthcare, energy saving, harmonious coexistence of diverse culture and recycling with the high capability of problem-solving skills in view of happiness and development of the local, national and the whole East Asian region.  

Kick-off Meeting

Upon the full-scale commencement of the CAMPUS Asia program, Presidents, Vice presidents, professors and relevant staff members will get together in Okayama in February 2017 for Kick-off Meeting.  The meeting will be organized to introduce the main contents of the program among the three universities and also outside of this consortium through exchanging views and opinions in order to carry out the program activities smoothly.