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Our Support

Student Exchange Dispatched student (Okayama University→Jilin University/Sungkyunkwan University)


Jilin University (CAMPUS Asia China Government Scholarship)

  • 2,500 yuan / month undergraduate
  • 2,800 yuan / month graduate

Sungkyunkwan University (CAMPUS Asia Korea Government Scholarship)

  • 800,000 won / month undergraduate
  • 900,000 won / month graduate
Expenses covered
  1. (1) Round-trip airfare is paid by the participating students
  2. (2) Tuition exempted by the host university on the basis of the exchange agreement binding the three participating universities (please refer to Note 1)
  3. (3) Housing costs covered by the host university (please refer to Note 2)
  4. (4) Overseas medical insurance, visa application fees, resident registration fees, food costs during the exchange period, and textbook costs are paid by the participating students.

  • ※1: the approximately 150,000 won fee for the International Summer Semester (ISS) special summer program at Sungkyunkwan University is paid by participating student
    ※2: an application for double occupancy is necessary. The residency period is determined by the host university

Pre-departure and post return support and further training

Pre-dispatch guidance on aspects of intercultural communication and conflict resolution.

Support during the exchange program

Monthly support and advice

Support for short-term exchange program participants

  • ¥ 60,000 / month China
  • ¥ 70,000 / month South Korea

Scholarships require a separate application. Please check the application guidelines. Please also be aware that the amounts provided for individual scholarships may change from year to year.

Expenses covered
  1. (1) Round-trip air-fare is paid by the participating student or Okayama University.
  2. (2) Tuition for the host university is exempted based on the CAMPUS Asia agreement
  3. (3) Student housing costs are paid the host university
  4. (4) Costs such as study abroad insurance, visa application fees (required for the China Study Abroad participants), and course materials are paid by the individual participants


Students accepted as CAMPUS Asia exchange program participants

Please refer to the homepages of the host university