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The long-term exchange program

The long-term exchange program

The aim of the long-term program is to deepen the mutual understanding between the three countries and to nurture leaders who can push the development of East Asia. The three participating institutions in the long-term exchange program are Okayama University (Japan), Jilin University (China), and Sungkyunkwan University (Korea). Ordinarily, about 5 students are mutually dispatched to each university.  The long-term exchange program consists of a mutual dispatch between the participating universities of their respective candidates for either 6 months or 1 year. Each university dispatches five candidates each semester. During their period abroad, the candidates continue to receive support such as financial assistance and free student housing. On completion of the program, the candidates receive a certificate of completion and a transcript recording their achievement on the courses they attempted at their host universities. The grades achieved are recognized by the candidates’ home universities (there may be some variation regarding which courses are recognized according to individual faculties).

Dispatch (Outbound):From Okayama University – To Jilin University/Sungkyunkwan University

Application period
April and October (if applicable)
Exchange program duration
6 months or 1 year (Long-term exchange program)
We recruit students twice a year. Candidates are supposed to take a pre-dispatch education program so that they can be prepared adequately for the long-term exchange. Host universities will prepare a CAMPUS Asia curriculum with common and specialized subjects. Candidates will study the host country’s language at a suitable level. In addition, each host university will prepare opportunities for the candidates to have a rich cultural experience such as events where the participants can interact with locals and summer schools. 
Student Support during the program
    • scholarships
    • offer of free student housing
    • provision of an iPad for the duration of the exchange period
    • orientation, seminars, and workshops on the history, language, and culture of the host culture before departure
    • support from a dedicated full-time faculty member of Okayama University while on the exchange
    • Study support seminars
    • Upon return to Okayama University, re-orientation support and activities designed to deepen and further the experience for the participants.
Students who are enrolled in Campus Asia Okayama University
We invite students based on Okayama University’s short-term exchange program (EPOK)

Entrance (Inbound) To Okayama University from Jilin University / Sungkyunkwan University

Recruitment deadline
May and December
6 months or 1 year
Program content
While participants from Jilin University and Sungkyunkwan University are at Okayama University, they will follow an academic program in the framework of CAMPUS Asia. Academic study related to each participant’s concentration is undertaken through the guidance of the teaching staff and academic advisors. In addition, participants will take CAMPUS Asia courses, specialized courses, and Japanese language courses suitable for the participant’s Japanese language level. In addition, on campus study in the program will be linked to off-campus activities so participants’ from the three countries will have opportunities to learn about the local culture and issues through discussions, the Okayama city satellite campus, summer school, and a regional conference. 
Support for foreign exchange students at Okayama University (Jilin University, Sungkyunkwan University)
  • Free student housing
  • Scholarships (Okayama University)
  • support from CAMPUS Asia dedicated faculty
  • support from student peers
  • Participation in the CAMPUS Asia student circle
  • The Student Activities’ room (the Campus Asia Café) with free loan of books and videos and the provision of TV and computer access
Undergraduates and postgraduates who are enrolled in Jilin University and Sungkyunkwan University.