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Short-term Student Exchange Program

The short-term study abroad program

Before focusing on the specialized study found on the short-term study abroad program, it is important that participants first study the host country’s language, social organization, as well as culture. After three to four weeks of intensive language training, participants’ communication ability and their ability to understand a foreign culture will have been heightened.

Dispatch from Okayama University to Jilin University (China) and Sungkyunkwan (Korea).

Application period
April and May
Departure period (planned)
August (Planned)
Duration of exchange:
Jilin University – 3~4 weeks
Sungkyunkwan University – 3~4 weeks
Program content
language training, cultural events, local tours, interaction with host university students
Student support
  • free student housing
  • scholarships to cover study costs
  • dedicated faculty and advisory staff for assistance with academic and cultural issues
  • student peers from the host universities to provide mentoring
Undergraduates or postgraduates who are enrolled in Campus Asia Okayama University

Entrance (Inbound) To Okayama University from Jilin University / Sungkyunkwan University

Program duration
Approximately three weeks
Program content
Language training, cultural experiences, local tours, student exchanges, a speech contest, and a final exam
Support for Student Life
Free housing, scholarship, support from dedicated faculty and student peers, Student Activities’ room with free loans of books and videos and the provision of TV and computer access

Students who are interested in joining a short-term exchange to Okayama University should contact the CAMPUS Asia office at Sungkyunkwan University for details on recruitment and selection.