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Feelings of an exchange student in Japan

 Six months ago, I was glad to know that I had passed all the examinations smoothly and got a chance to study in Okayama University for six months. As a student of business school, I knew that this six-month visit to Japan would be educational and enlightening. But I had no idea that this experience would affect me as deeply as it has.

 On Oct.5th, 2012, with some excitement for my first visit abroad and inquietude for unfamiliar environment, I set foot on the land of Japan, an often mentioned country but with no contact.

 Everyday life in Japan is colorful. My nervous and restrained moods soon disappeared. Instead of that, observation、perception、adaptation and try became the main rhythm of my daily life. According to my own choice, I spent most of the time in the study of fair value accounting.

 In Japan, clean environment and gentle residents impressed me deeply. The creek outside Okayama University is so clear that you can see groups of fish swimming in the river freely and leisurely. I live in the International House situated in front of a small mountain. When autumn is ending and winter is coming, the hill covered with red leaves, Occasional misty rain is a Wonderland. Okayama City is a sunny and quiet city. Only on the holidays can you hear the voice of children in the streets, you can rarely hear the noise from cars and construction. Birds singing every morning to wake you up in the sun, the beautiful tranquil environment will bring me inner peace and eliminate my irritability and emptiness. It is really a good place for reading and research. The polite and consideration of People here reflected in the day-to-day details. My hall administrator may patiently ask me if I need some help, and she may place a variety of household items neatly in the hall just like pump, vacuum cleaners and rags. Garbage must be classified and processed in different ways.

 Perhaps the greatest benefits of a direct exchange program came out of bonds of friendship and understanding that we had been able to establish during the precious months together. The bonds made me realize that we are more alike than different.

 How fast time past! I couldn’t believe these six months have gone by. I feel like I just have arrived in Okayama. All of the things seemed strange and new, even a little bit intimidating when I got here, but gradually they became a part of my daily life, and it would be strange not to have them as part of my life anymore. This has been an amazing experience for me, but it would not have meant so much to me if it hadn’t been spent here with the special people I have met. I am very sad to see it end. I would miss being able to move about so freely in a foreign city and miss all of the smiling faces that greet me. I will never forget it, and I look forward to the day when I will be able to come back to Okayama and relive such remarkable times.

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