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Nano-Biotechnology Course


Nano – biotechnology

1.  How would you apply the knowledge & skills that you have learned throughout this course for your future?

First, I’m very impressed about Japanese medical skill such as doll that look like real patients, Davinci surgical system and

I’m really thanks to we can learn professional medical knowledge from various professors. Although I didn’t learn about professional knowledge (such as experimental and deep knowledge) yet, I want to bring Japanese medical skill to Korea. First, I’m surprised that Japan has medical team that aid people during natural disaster had occurred (called DMAT). Surely, Korea have same group, but pharmacist can’t care people without doctor’s permission.

Second, I can decide that what I want to be in the future. When I listen the class “Interactions between drug molecules and the biological molecules.” It was interesting to me. So I want to study about analyzing protein. It was very nice time to decide my goal.


  1. 2.Is there anything that may change your view towards Japan – Korea relationships after spending some time in Okayama University?


Before I visited this University, I didn’t think about Japan and Korea relationships deeply. Also my younger sister wants to

apply Japanese University, so I want to know about Japanese life style and school life. First, I’m surprised that all students ride their bicycles and The street was very clean. Also everybody who lives in here can’t throw out trash. I think we have to learn this attitude from Japan.

In recently, Our relationships are not good because of political problem, but I think Scientist and medical group just have to think for people who need to help. So we have to interaction with each other countries for patients. Thus we can bring advantages of medical skill and attitude from Japan and Japan have to bring same things from our country. I think it was very nice time to change my opinion with two country’s relationships.


3. Please give us some programs in this course that you have enjoyed?

I enjoyed all visit program, such as “Campus tour’, ‘Okayama university hospital tour’, ‘lab tour’, and ‘Kurashiki’ I’m really

enjoyed in Kurashiki among visiting programs. Kurashiki looks like ‘In-sa-dong’ in Korea. So I can see Japanese traditional structure (such as warehouses and houses) and we ate very delicious food. Also I’m thank you to Prof. Kurosaki because he explained that place very deeply and easily.

Second, Okayama hospital tour was very impressed. We visited ICU and Department of clinical technology and laboratory (its name is Bio-bank). It’s great time to compare Korean skill with Japanese skill. Also I watched “Simulation training center” in Department of Pharmacy in hospital. It was very great doll to learn about medicine effect, so I think I want to bring that skill to Korea.

Third, I’m happy to meet Japanese students again. I missed them after they visit to Korea, last year. I want to meet Japanese students in this year!

Most programs were great and nice, I want to recommend this program to my friends.

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