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Nano-Biotechnology Course


Nano – biotechnology Couese

1. How would you apply the knowledge & skills that you have learned throughout this course for your future?

This CAMPUS Asia short-term course is about experiencing how pre-pharmacists study and live in the Okayama University. The lectures include professional knowledges about organic chemistry, immunology, nanotechnology, molecular biology, and pharmacy. Also there are lectures of liberal arts, such as Japanese culture, architecture, global issues in the east asia, and gender-ethnicity. You can see how actual pharmacists in Japan work in hospital and in emergency situations. In addition, getting along with Japanese students and visiting historical sites are very helpful to learn about Japanese culture.

I was concerned about my career as a pharmacist because there were not much chances to directly experience each works. Therefore, it was a perfect timing for me to be in this program. Before I came here, I didn’t know much about what actually pharmacists in hospital do and what is a clinical pharmacist. As I saw their work in my own eyes, I became to be curious Korean pharmacists in hospital. Therefore, I would like to have practice in Korean hospital and compare to it in Japan. I heard there is no clinical pharmacist in Korea yet. But like Japan did, I believe Korea would have it as time pass, like in 5 years. So after some years pass, as I finish my study in university, if there is a chance to be a clinical pharmacist, I would like to apply for it.

2. Is there anything that may change your view towards Japan – Korea relationships after spending  some time in Okayama University?

Before I came here, I didn’t know much about Japanese pharmacists and pharmacy students. I was very impressed to see developed systems and many facilities here. I felt it would be essential to learn from  here and have a good relationship. As we are located close, I think the east asia countries should cooperate and then we will have synergic effect.

3. Please give us some programs in this course that you have enjoyed?

I was very surprised by the role of pharmacists in Japan hospital. In Korea, they usually just dispense medicine by a prescription. However, in Okayama university, there are more divisions of them. The clinical pharmacists, which cannot be found in Korea, are very responsible for medicine patients are taking, even deciding which medicine they should take. I felt this pharmacist system is well-divided, so doctors can focus on diagnosing and making treatments, while pharmacist taking charge everything about medicine professionally. Therefore, students majoring pharmacy are educated about not only knowledges in book, but also practical exercises to react to patient-like robots in clinic situation. These experiences were very impressive to me, as I was interested in clinic pharmacists and felt our system should be developed in that way.

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