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Students' Report

Nano-Biotechnology Course


Nano – biotechnology Course

1. How would you apply the knowledge & skills that you have learned throughout this course for your future?

I can apply this experience of program on choosing my future job and choosing direction.

And also professors keep encouraging us to speaking in English, that way we can practice speaking in English and have confidence using it.

Thx to this program, I can see some portion of Japanese culture and other thing. So I can understand this country more clearly. And if I choose my career which is relate to Japan, I can use some of knowledge I learned.

2. Is there anything that may change your view towards Japan – Korea relationships after spending  some time in Okayama University?

Some of my thought toward japan is being changed Because All the people I met through this program were so kind and polite and eager to teach us Japanese culture.

And I already knew that Japanese people are polite to others, but this is my first seeing it in real. So was really good experience.

Plus, I really don’t have any interest in politics or somethings, the one who have bad attitude toward relationship between two nations could be small group.

3. Please give us some programs in this course that you have enjoyed?

Of course, seeing the famous area in Okayama was really good. Especially Beautiful garden.

About the class, Gender and ethnicity class was really wonderful because we have free time to discuss about certain topic for ourselves, and also we can have time to know each other by asking them some question. Its good opportunity to express my opinion to others and get feedback since class in pharm school lack of discussion.

Second. History class was fantastic since I don’t know anything about this japan history, let alone Okayama history.

Plus she gave us some homework to make teamwork, that way we can make a sort of bond.

But. I wish to have more class with Japanese student so that we can share differences between two nations because some of Korean students including me don’t have many chance to see Japanese and experiencing japans.

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