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Students' Report

Nano-Biotechnology Course


Nano – biotechnology Course

1. How would you apply the knowledge & skills that you have learned throughout this course for your future?

I am a science student and I did not know or care about other fields including humanities. Because I  think that knowledge other than scientific knowledge is not necessary. But, as I learn about other fields throughout this course, I realized that I was wrong. To know about human is very important in all fields. And it was very interesting to know more about the country by visiting another country, especially how my field was treated and maintained in other country. Through this visit, I will be able to look at my field through a wider perspective by experiencing another country like Japan.

2. Is there anything that may change your view towards Japan – Korea relationships after spending  some time in Okayama University?

Before visiting Japan, I did not know what Japanese ethnicity or Japanese were, but I could feel what kind of character it was and what kind of culture and atmosphere it was. I thought that there would be someone who dislikes Korea, but I could not see such a person at all, and most of the Japanese people kindly gave it to me. And what surprised me was that japan has preserved old buildings and old things. Since Japan is a developed country, I thought they would find something new, but Japan was accepting and making new things while keeping the old. I think that it is necessary in Korea to keep the old things, to look around and to have relaxation.

3. Please give us some programs in this course that you have enjoyed?

Field work in Kurashiki was very interesting. The scenery was very beautiful and the tradition was well preserved. And it was good to know the background that was able to serve as the center of past  logistics. And I was also interesting to take a tour of the laboratory in the medical school. On the other hand, I was envious because I was practicing more clinically than Korea. However there were some disappointing points. First, there were too many lectures. The lecture on immunology and majors are enough to be heard in Korea. I think it would have been nice to have a program with Okayama University students. I think it would be better if there is a program that allows students to have a team discussion with Okayama students.

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