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Nano-Biotechnology Course


Nano – biotechlogy Course

1. How would you apply the knowledge & skills that you have learned throughout this course for your future?

In future, I try to go overload for study. After finish my Ph.D. course, I will choose a country either Japan or United State for post doctor course. Before I came to Okayama, I though this program will be very helpful to Know about Japan researching situation. And now I really satisfied what I get from this program. During this program, I could learn many things about my research. Especially, Laboratory tour  & lecture are helps my recent study. The prof. Yoshimitsu gave us lecture about total synthesis of natural product and making that product to drug. My study is focus to synthesis product only so it is like my future way of study. I am going to apply this point of view to my study.


2. Is there anything that may change your view towards Japan – Korea relationships after spending  some time in Okayama University?

No, there is not much changed my view after spending this shirt time in Okayama. I lived in Japan for  two and half years. Also I did exchange student program at Nagoya City University for six month. Form my experience, people in both country are kind about each other. But about political issue, it will be different and not going to solve quickly. To solve the situation require the time and effort which like this program will help situation relieve. Even though I already have some experience about Japan, this Campus Asia program is memorable experience.


3. Please give us some programs in this course that you have enjoyed?

I want to choose Prof. Yoshimitu`s Lecture & visiting his laboratory. As a master course student, to learn a subject that is similar to my major give me lots of idea. Even if it is similar major, way of people thinking was totally difference between Korean and Japanese. I felt impressive about his work which is not only making difficult natural product, but also applying to biological area for finding activities. Throughout laboratory visit, I learned many things about his detailed works, and luckily I got an opportunity to present my work to professor Yoshimitu and his laboratory members. It was very tough work to preparing presentation also very nervous to present in English but It was very wonderful experience. They gave me may comment and questions which was very important to my future study. I had great time with that short presentation. I wish to increase the time of research area for next year. I really enjoyed those two programs.

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