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Summer School


(Spring School) Okayama University CAMPUS Asia Spring School 2017

I joint this program at the first time. I felt very honor to have the chance to talk and discuss about Economic and cultural exchanges in East Asia with students from Songkyunkwan University Korea, Okayama University Japan and Jilin University China. I think that we really enjoyed our time and make a success in this program.

On Monday,16 January 2016. We have ice breaking activities to know each other. then Oyasu chen teacher gave us an introductory presentation to overview theme of sustainable society and trilateral relationships in East Asia and a brief background to the CAMPUS Asia Program. After that, we are divided into mixed groups of Jilin, Okayama and Songkyunkwan and exchanged views and experiences about key issues concerning sustainable development and trilateral relationships in East Asia. Chinese students shared the issues about G20, SDR, ALLB, happened in China 2016.One Belt One road was also on the topic. Japanese students also share about three issues about Employment, Aged Society and Nuclear Power. Korea students shared three issues about President Park`s impeachment, ThAAD and SamSung Galaxy note 7explosion. Three countries are facing different problems, but to have sustainable development and to strengthen trilateral relationship in East Asia. I think three countries should have more formal dialogue.

  On Tuesday, 17 January 2016. We also had a group discussions about 4 stations of economic, cultural, social and environmental issues in World café methods. Under the leadership of teachers, we had a lot of discussion and found three countries are also facing the common problems. such as the environment of frog gas, shortage of water, nuclear power, soil erosion, air pollution, desert and so on. For different cultures, how to regard it. We shared the different ideas, some student said we don`t afraid of making mistakes. Some student said we can show common interests and respect others. I think we should be a good listener, and try to understand other`s feeling. we had a brainstorm to exchange our ideas. It made us feel happy.

On Wednesday, 18 January 2016 and On Thursday, 19 January 2016, we have field work in Shizutani School and in Ushimado and in Kurashiki with a separate programme. The Shizutani School was a school for the common people opened by the Okayama Domain in the early Edo period. The Auditorium has been designated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of the government of Japan as National Treasures in the structure category. We had experience for the teachings of Confucius. We talked about that respecting is very important among different culture `communication. Now, Confucianism is not only known and spread by China but also developing in Japan and Korea. It promotes communication and trilateral relationships. In kurashiki, we enjoyed the different historic atmosphere, and explored the special art, architecture, townscape. In the afternoon, we discussed and summarized the main findings of two-day field work.

On Friday, 20 January 2016, we had a session about commons and differences of East Asia from a comparative perspective. It made us reach a better understanding of East Asian culture.

In the afternoon, we reviewed on the commons and differences, strengths and weaknesses of the East Asian region, then explore future opportunities and threats for strengthening bilateral and trilateral cooperation. At last, we were divided into mixed groups to summarize what we have learned and have a presentation through PPT.

In five days. we focused on economic and cultural exchange in East Asia in different forms. Which enhanced our understanding of the issues and challenges that the three countries are confronting now. As youth, I think that we should try to know more about the long history and state of economic and cultural exchanges including people, good, literatures, services and capital, which includes both positive and negative aspects of bilateral and trilateral relationships.

 For sustainable future development of East Asia and the world. I think that three countries should reinforce cooperation in politics and economic. And try to expand the trade and financial market within Asia and increase the bargaining power of Asian countries in lieu of competition and, in turn, enhance Asia’s economic competitiveness in the global market. Then serving as the missing link in Asian cooperation by building upon Asia’s potentials and strengths through supplementing and complementing existing cooperative frameworks so as to become a viable partner for other regions; Ultimately transform the Asian continent into an Asian Community, capable of interacting with the rest of the world on a more equal footing and contributing more positively towards mutual peace and prosperity.

Joint Okayama University CAMPUS Asia Spring School 2017. I think that we have a wonderful week and we made friends and knew each other more. and It also deepen our understanding about other counties. In addition, the brainstorm make us open the field of view. It let me realized that we have the major responsibilities that not only learning and working hard to contribute to our country, but also, we should have the consciousness of the mutual development of  Asian .

Thank you for the school that provided a good program for us, and thank you for all the teachers who make thorough arrangements for us. Finally thank you for all the partner students from Songkyunkwan University Korea, Okayama University Japan and Jilin University China. I learnt a lot from them and felt happy with them. Thanks a lot.

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